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Birthdate:Sep 19
Location:United States of America
I'm a meej! I sling coffee for a living. I daydream about slinging words for a living, but as of now I sling words for my own amusement. I am an active lurker (hee) in many fandoms. I am a bit of a flake. I'm working on that.

Sometimes I pretend to be a grumpy elf or a cheerful gnome on the Internets! This is done via the magic of MMOs, although Blizzard cheerfully stomps on my squishy heart on a regular basis. Kind of like Steve Jobs!

I overuse exclamation points.

I love enjoying things!

Interests (110):

a song of ice and fire, abigail meikai no yogensha, akira yamaoka, amakusa chikara, babylon 5, battle butlers, battlestar galactica, being unpopular, betrayal, bitchface romantics, blood mages, blue oyster cult, bookends, bravery, bruce springsteen, bullfighting, changewind, chess, citizen g'kar, clovis sangrail, coffee, courage, darkfic, david hume, demons, don't let them get to you, dysfunctional bromance, eating like kings, effortless oneupmanship, elu thingol, enrico maxwell, eschatology, ezra pound, fanfiction, fencing, ferocious katydids, fluffy fic, futurama, g.k. chesterton, gaius marius, garmarna, gingerbread, goofy j-dramas, graycloaks, grumpy old poets, guy gavriel kay, heads of household, hunter s. thompson, i should write blizzard's canon, imperial spain, incredible wangst, inspired translations, jainism, james michener, jon stewart, julian may, just get the words out, k.j. parker, kael'thas sunstrider, kanji, kenrou/chikara, ledgers, linguistics, londo mollari, losing friends (how not to), malygos, monocles, musical magpies, nuance, overpowering mary sue, peace, poland, prissy pedants, pwp pr0nz, religion, roger zelazny, roleplaying, rudyard kipling, running, saki, screwing up, self-loathing, sesquipedalian loquaciousness, society of jesus, sprightly wit, stephen colbert, stephen king, steven brust, supernatural fanfic (but not watching the show), tanith lee, teilhard de chardin, the briny and mysterious deep, the guppy, the host of pura, the lord uhlume, themes of empire, theology, thomas aquinas, tingling poetry, tolkien, tom wolfe, totalitarian meritocracy, trip-hop, vedic gods, warlocks, william safire, world of warcraft, writing, writing letters, zen
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