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Actually, it was a Starbucks.

My tiny brother is driving cross country with his buddyroos, Justin and Nick, to take Justin to his new job and home in Chicago. They deviated to come see their other friend Richard, and on their way they came to see me!

Unfortunately they all suffer from Unabletoplanitis, endemic among college students, so we were only able to line up ducks sufficiently for them to spend an hour with me, but hey, there was coffee and he looked adorable and my co-workers felt that all three are wicked hot, and I was all LOL THEY ARE TINY YOUNG TWENTY-SOMETHINGS, HANDS OFF YOU COUGAR WENCHES.

I am glad to have seen them. But the Boy could still stand to check in on his Words With Friends games more often.
- LAUNDRY oh god how can I be out of clean socks HOW
- five posts for PW and four for BoP
- work out!
- vacuum around the cat box, why are cats such orful little pie-fillings WHY
- watch Ladyhawke.

So I had my six-month review at aprontiems (really more like a 10.5 month review, we are slightly behind at our store). Bossmans says I am awesome. I TOTALLY AM. I got a raise! I plan to use this money to buy a plane ticket for to see my high school BFF get married in June. I take my vacations around the celebrations of others. Meanwhile, my brother and sister are in Thailand (what), thence Bali (what). They are staying at a Holiday Inn (WHAT).

I bellowed "WHAT THE HELL, SOUTHWEST ASIA TOUR???" at my mother over the telephone when I was informed of this. She said reasonably that if I kept up with the facebooks I would know about this already. It's a sorry day when I have to learn that Boy and Bee are OUT OF THE FLIPPIN HEMISPHERE on the FACEBOOKS.

Last night I got to play realtime RP with some grown-ups. Greyspell told a story to a death knight and saw his garden. It's a DEATH KNIGHT's GARDEN. There is something very wrong with this picture! It was fun; the guppy tried to help by sitting on my lap and beating her tiny hands against the keyboard. This did not help Greyspell's reputation as an uptight upright erudite stillness-smith to have random strings of gibberish and spacebar-jumping. Gup so cute. <3

I am trying to write, but my brain is stupid. I keep mixing up bits of metallurgy and glass-crafting with political subplots, and I keep thinking that if I were Guy Gavriel Kay I could come up with some lovely conceit to liken Thalassian/Horde politics with stained glass, BUT NO, IT JUST SITS THERE LUMPENLY LIKE GLASSBLOWERS' HICCUPS.

I read a book called Liar by Justine Larbalastier. I am still thinking about it. It is one of those where I cannot say definitively that I liked it, but I read the entire thing in one day and I'm STILL thinking about it. A good choice. I may reread to see if I actually enjoy it as opposed to being jump-started by it.
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My tiny brother is now graduated from university. He is an engineer. (He does not wear the little cap.)

I am so proud of him that I may burst.

So, while I was in California, enjoying seventy degrees Fahrenheit in December...

How are y'all?

- Ran!
- Cuddled a gup!
- Knitted for so long that my hands hurt! (My sister's Crimmus gift is going to be SO AWESOME.)
- So many dishes that Suboshi was impressed.
- Wrote letters.

Yesterday we took the guppy to the zoo. She was notably impressed by the fruit bats, but less so by everything else. Suboshi took some excellent pictures, which was good, because frankly even the brilliant precocious gup is not really going to get a lot of memory mileage over zooing at seven weeks.

I'm due to take a trip out to California in December, because I promised my brother that - come hell or high water - I would see him graduate. Because of my lack of seniority, I was only able to arrange for four days, including travel time. My family initially said okay, just come; now they are trying their hardest to get me to extend my stay, change the already-bought tickets, and - you know - totally bone my coworkers during the busiest season of the year. It exhausts me thinking about it and how I am going to deal with the guilting.

I had to stop writing this post and go shower because the gup threw up quite cheerfully all down my front. <3 I love gup.

I am so full of things to write, my brain feels bloated and lethargic. I need to lance the boil and get some words out, or the psychic pus is going to pound me.


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