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Via Manly Man Training.

I don't really plan to have a son, but gups will benefit from this wisdom.

Also, I'm still not smart enough for Tumblr.

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So recently I did some stuff, and under that broad heading falls:

- informed bossmans I wanted in on this management gig;
- almost immediately reconsidered in light of how he treats his two current shift supervisors, but TOO LATE NOW: I can only GO FORWARD and maintain my moral rectitude (quit giggling);
- figured out some important things about half-marathons and why I won't be running one this year;
- clapped for that adorable guppy as she toddled at a sprint;
- gave up drinking caffeine after noon for the sixteenth straight day (NEXT STEP: ONLY ONE CUP OF COFFEE A DAY, baby steps baby steps baby steps);
- finally wrote some damn words.

They weren't good words, they weren't well-flowing words, they weren't genius is what I'm getting at, but they happened.

Also, BREWMASTER ARANRUTH. Ruth is so cute, but she seriously needs new shoulders.
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I'm on week 8 of my 12-week half-marathon training plan, and on Wednesday I suffered a minor setback, like your mom. Like - like your MOM is the minor setback, not like she suffered one on Wednesday. That's what I'm getting at. There was a setback, and I hit it, like I hit YOUR MOM.

My weekly mileage is up to 24 miles, which is two shy of the goal I'd like to attain and maintain (five, six, five, ten), and I've been using a calorie counter to do a base goal of 1520 calories a day. Stop me when you see the problem.

... I've been doing this for two months.

So on Wednesday, when my plan was to run six miles, four at a tempo pace, I made my first mistake, which was to eat two pieces of toast with peanut butter and honey for breakfast, and then my second mistake was to go out to run, on August 31st in Memphis, at one o'clock pip emma, under the clear blue open sky. This was not a wise decision, but I did pull out an 8:02 mile before I collapsed and had to call Suboshi to come get me.

This led to some conferencing with my running parner-in-crime, the Alibee, and we used some SCIENTIFIC METHOD to look at our SCIENTIFIC RUNNING PLAN, and our conclusion was: dumbasses with overtraining and undereating, also dumbasses. Ever since upping the mileage past fifteen a week, we really, REALLY ought to have increased the caloric intake to account for those longer runs (burninating some serious stores in our bodies).

I decided on Wednesday, after sitting with a cold wet towel on my head and drinking all the water ever, that I was going to take the rest of the week off, then start over on Monday with a re-do of Week 8: three miles, six with four at tempo, three, and ten.

So today I have not run, although today would be my twelve-mile day. I feel odd. "RUNNING MEEJIT RUNNING FREE" is one of my default away messages on IM. Not being a running meejit running free is ... well, maybe doing some laundry will help.

I did, however, do a hell of a lot of crawling around on the floor this morning, because THAT GUP NEEDED GETTIN'!


Jul. 25th, 2011 10:05 am
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I was scared about my planned run on Thursday, that being a five-mile run with two miles at tempo pace. My average pace has been a 9:20 mile for the past month or so, and a tempo pace is supposed to be race-pace, which - for me - is about an 8:25.

But yesterday was a five-mile easy run, and I ran it at 44:10, counting the ten seconds I jogged in place to wait for a car.


Work continues unabated. Ten consecutive days without a day off seems a trifle excessive to me. I am hoping that drama goes down after the all-management meeting on Sunday (THREE HOURS of all bossmans and a bosslady). Much hollering, much clearing of the air, address given to the senior bossmans occasionally using his shift to take a nap in the back while there are only two harried baristas to take care of the entire morning shift. I am so glad that I didn't have to be the one to say that.

All of our pets are SUPER RETARDED and SUPER ANNOYING lately. I understand that this is because it is ungodly hot and they are suffering from an abundance of fur, but still, GET OFF ME, I DO NOT WANT YOUR LOVE, IT IS TOO FLIPPIN HOT.

My guppy, she is ten months old. <3 Soon she will be a whole year. I cannot remember life without this tiny human. It must've been pretty lame.
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a) I had turned on the TV for background noise while I did a few chores, and gradually I became aware that House was on. (Is it just House or House, M.D.?)


c) Perhaps I caught him on a good day, but the bits and scraps I heard did not make House as much of a dick as have been reported.

I'd still rather watch Scrubs.

At the moment, I'm reading Kristin Cashore's Graceling, another of the YA fantasies. So far it's fairly engaging. It's in third-person, which puts it slightly ahead of Maria Snyder's Poison Study (which disappointed me so much with its rapid series decay; the first book was amazing, and then the second book was a bit whiffy, and the third book was outright heroine worship, and then she wrote a bunch of books about glass that ought to have snatched me right up because GLASS, RIGHT????, and yet it was nothing but hurt-comfort blergh).

I'm still working what I believe to be too much, and I'm trying to convince myself I'm just being a baby about it.

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For now, please know that the guppy threw up on me four times tonight, once right down the cleavage, such that I looked like a porn star.
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snuggling a warm, clean baby who is thinking deep baby thoughts and occasionally announcing an epiphany via gurgling crows of triumph.
- Ran!
- Cuddled a gup!
- Knitted for so long that my hands hurt! (My sister's Crimmus gift is going to be SO AWESOME.)
- So many dishes that Suboshi was impressed.
- Wrote letters.

Yesterday we took the guppy to the zoo. She was notably impressed by the fruit bats, but less so by everything else. Suboshi took some excellent pictures, which was good, because frankly even the brilliant precocious gup is not really going to get a lot of memory mileage over zooing at seven weeks.

I'm due to take a trip out to California in December, because I promised my brother that - come hell or high water - I would see him graduate. Because of my lack of seniority, I was only able to arrange for four days, including travel time. My family initially said okay, just come; now they are trying their hardest to get me to extend my stay, change the already-bought tickets, and - you know - totally bone my coworkers during the busiest season of the year. It exhausts me thinking about it and how I am going to deal with the guilting.

I had to stop writing this post and go shower because the gup threw up quite cheerfully all down my front. <3 I love gup.

I am so full of things to write, my brain feels bloated and lethargic. I need to lance the boil and get some words out, or the psychic pus is going to pound me.
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slaying the Alliance while being snuggled by a be-slung guppy. <3

She even blorfed upon seeing a night elf! I AM SO PROUD.

Edit: I am finally figuring out how to make the new spin on Affliction work for me, but I'm still never, ever speccing Greyspell Demonology. Just: no.
I gupcuddled! I woke up at my alarm's time and not - say - two hours later.

I ran for sixty minutes without stopping, and suspect that this is roughly six and a quarter miles, despite not knowing for certain, because at the halfway point of the run, Sundaisyshine decided that she was only going to record time, and not distance, and chose to inform me AT FORTY MINUTES that she'd stopped pacing at 3.31 miles. RAEG FUELED MY LAST FEW MILES. OMG.

It was still a good run.

I came home and Cal, Calmom, and I made baked figs, and then stuffed ourselves with them. They were delicious and figgy. I am very happy.

Now I need to do all the laundry in the world, since I cleaned out my closet two days ago and brought my winter clothes out of storage.

The guppy is adorable. <3

Life is good.


Oct. 3rd, 2010 08:23 pm
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When the wee guppy gets frustrated, just pre-raeg, she gets an adorable furrow between her brows and a puzzled set to her mouth, as if she cannot quite put a finger on why she's angry. (Most commonly it is a dead heat between "HUNGRY" and "POOP!")

I call this look 'Concernicus'.

She is so ridiculously cute!

One day I will make an update that is not about my gupdaughter, but that day is not today.

Tomorrow looks good, though, I was going to write about Greyspell and the upcoming Hallows' End, in which Laikhaila delights her brother thoroughly by dressing as the black queen on a chessboard.
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I've been peeking over Suboshi's shoulder at the WoW Cataclysm beta. I have discovered to my considerable surprise that I do not loathe worgen, which I thought I would based on my previous in-game experience. It just goes to show that meejes should not jump to conclusions.

It is one week since my guppy was born, and she is so ridiculously cute. Today she had her first bath. She flailed and screamed in RAEG!!11!! the entire time, because so far her least favorite things are being: a) wet, and b) cold, and bathtime proved to be both wetsome and cold-making, despite the warm water and the body heat of three adults clustered around her and anxiously dabbing at spit-up-covered portions of her tiny body. Oh man she's going to be a hell of an athlete when she's a bit larger; she's all leg.

I RAN A 10K TODAY. NO PARTICULAR REASON. I JUST GOT UP AND THOUGHT, "TODAY I'LL RUN SIX MILES AND CHANGE," AND I DID IT. I had to stop and walk for fifteen seconds just after hitting five miles, and I was so mad about it. Talk about wusscakery, there was LESS THAN A MILE TO GO. And yet the sideache, it had gone well into icepick-in-the-side territory. :( Next time I try this, I'll go for running the entire time. I finished at 56:51, which is not terrible, but I really wanted to try for a solid 54:00. Oh well. I need to find a new route, I grow bored with the same neighborhood every time, particularly the ridiculous hill at 2.6 miles. Seriously. Eff that hill, man. In the neck.


I went shopping today, because sometimes a girl needs some pretty underwear, and Victoria's Secret concluded that my breasts are problematic. Apparently I am a different size in each of the three major bra lines they're doing right now. Really, you guys? Did not instill confidence. However, I am weak against plum lace, and so plum lace there was, in the size we finally determined me to be. I just realized that if I keep running at the rate that I am, it probably won't fit in a month. MOAR PLUM LACE!

I think that this is actually everything awesome that is happening with me right now. I will later cover my tea-ventures, the non-sucky vampire Victoriana I'm reading, and my parents' reactions to being given The 13 Clocks as a birthday gift. (SPOILER: my mom cried a little. :D)


Sep. 22nd, 2010 02:47 pm
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I have a goddaughter.

She is the best, sweetest, prettiest, and awesomest human baby ever made.

I am graciously permitting her mother to post the first pictures of her.

Oh, her name is [REDACTED FOR FEAR OF EVIL BABY-NAPPERS], but she'll always be Guppy to me. <3
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This is the first morning I haven't had a full or double shift in a week, and I'm not quite sure of what to do with myself. I did some chores (as usual, the cats all poop far too much, lazy little mogs that they are) and sorted through some correspondence (my father sends me weekly letters that he writes every Monday morning, and I try to return the favor), and now I have coffee, a full purring dishwasher, and a full humming clothesdryer.

The full and double shifts are a direct result of two facts:

a) I am a good and reliable worker;
b) I am a sucker who agrees to take extra shifts to cover for someone.

B is, in turn, a result of two things:

i) I am a sucker;
ii) Soon there will be a tiny guppy goddaughter born, and when she is finally on the scene, I will possibly have to call a co-worker and demand that someone come in to cover the remainder of my shift so I can be at the hospital to hold gupmother's hand and reassure her that she should not kill her spouse for putting her through this! Pat pat pat pat. Then I will hold my goddaughter when she is a ridiculous red radish, and beam fatuously into her grumpy wee face, and tell her truthfully that she is the most beautiful little girl in the whole world!

I do have quite a few writing projects to catch up on (I've owed an Abaddon post since EASTER, and I've been writing Tiki and Greyspell in the Barrens for ... since Walks began Rubeus!), and now I've got another one. Livejournal, I am informed by reliable sources (Cal), has finally gone completely insane. Well, I knew that was coming. I had long since deleted my first Livejournal, and a few years back I deleted my replacement LJ due to drama and woe. I've had a good time here at DW, but I kept a single LJ for purposes of story archives and for keeping up with the few LJ people who didn't transfer here, and who still spoke to me (a surprisingly small Venn overlap). This LJ was for Greyspell, and was begun for an RP dressing-room writing community Lyn told me about. The writing community went defunct when most of the players went elsewhere (having finally perfected their characters?), but I kept the LJ as an archive, and filled it in with some of Greyspell's blog posts from another site. The blogs were fun to write, I guess, but I always felt uncomfortable posting his journal entries in public because he is a ridiculously private person.

In any case, I might spend the morning grabbing up all of those stories and blog posts, and dumping them under - respectively - 'wow.fic' and 'pedantic soliloquoys' tags here, so I can delete that last remaining LJ.

Of course, I could also catch up on all of my emails. I have another entry cooking about how I always feel guilty leaving emails unanswered to write journal entries. SO HARD TO BE A WORKING ADULT WITH CHORES.

Oh! And ALSO. Tattoo happens on Friday. :D I am all in a flather and a tizzy, because the ink I want is Elu Thingol's badge (you may recognize it as my default user icon), but I cannot find a decent representation of it on the entire Internets, and I'd like to have something better for Vanessa to work with than "Hello I am a GIF pixelation with the wrong palette" for something that is going to be permanently displayed on my foxy sculpted shoulder.


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