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This is my new favorite thing, for now. (NSFW due to swearing in the very title of the page. Also, lots of shouty profanity, which is obviously one of my things.)

I've been inconsistent about my exercise for the past three weeks, which: these things happen when you go on cleaning jags and also have a two-year-old around the house, and also it's too hot for human habitation seriously what the hell tropical storms so selfish just blowing around when I have crap to do. I'm trying to keep up with it reasonably, since my birthday plans include - as they have for the past few years - running a number of miles in the lower double digits (and then eating all the pizza). I can reliably pull off ten miles without having to do overmuch preparation, so I'm considering I've hit a good point in my fitness. Also? I have a sixpack. I'm really very obnoxious in showing it off, too. I'll probably get better about this as I get more mature, but we've seen how mature I can be. We'll SEE.

I'm reading the new David Brin book. It's good, but he's doing the usual Brin thing of too many goddamned characters on their own tears for the first third and then what the hell!!!! Brandon Sanderson does this too, but he does adorable characters better than David Brin (David Brin still does much better dialogue and slang). So far: no giant squids. I don't know if I'm sad about this or not.

This is a documentary about a geisha in Kyoto. It is very nicely done.

Everyone should have seen "Gangnam Style" by now. If you haven't, Google it. I'M NOT YOUR MOTHER, I DON'T HAVE TIME TO FIND YOU LINKS TO EVERYTHING. Oh fine WATCH IT. Safe for work, I guess, but get some headphones.

I am trying not to stress over writing, trying not to make it about deadlines or "you HAVE to finish this", but just trying to ... let it flow. Sometimes this results in something stupid like a page of Graycloak insults, and sometimes it's turning into something cool, like the Vices/Virtues thingy Desnik and I are doing. I still have no idea where that's going, and that relaxes me immensely. I haven't been able to look at my forum tags for a while because the crippling guilt of OMG WHY DIDN'T I TAG BACK YET is cutting that right off. Baby steps. Baby steps. At least I still haven't hit the deadline of "when Walks finishes Kun-"



Nov. 6th, 2011 06:43 pm
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Today I ran my first half-marathon.

2:01:36, said the timer-thing.

As Ali says: I want to do this every day forever.


Nov. 1st, 2011 05:19 pm
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Also I got rickrolled on mile eight.
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I'm on week 8 of my 12-week half-marathon training plan, and on Wednesday I suffered a minor setback, like your mom. Like - like your MOM is the minor setback, not like she suffered one on Wednesday. That's what I'm getting at. There was a setback, and I hit it, like I hit YOUR MOM.

My weekly mileage is up to 24 miles, which is two shy of the goal I'd like to attain and maintain (five, six, five, ten), and I've been using a calorie counter to do a base goal of 1520 calories a day. Stop me when you see the problem.

... I've been doing this for two months.

So on Wednesday, when my plan was to run six miles, four at a tempo pace, I made my first mistake, which was to eat two pieces of toast with peanut butter and honey for breakfast, and then my second mistake was to go out to run, on August 31st in Memphis, at one o'clock pip emma, under the clear blue open sky. This was not a wise decision, but I did pull out an 8:02 mile before I collapsed and had to call Suboshi to come get me.

This led to some conferencing with my running parner-in-crime, the Alibee, and we used some SCIENTIFIC METHOD to look at our SCIENTIFIC RUNNING PLAN, and our conclusion was: dumbasses with overtraining and undereating, also dumbasses. Ever since upping the mileage past fifteen a week, we really, REALLY ought to have increased the caloric intake to account for those longer runs (burninating some serious stores in our bodies).

I decided on Wednesday, after sitting with a cold wet towel on my head and drinking all the water ever, that I was going to take the rest of the week off, then start over on Monday with a re-do of Week 8: three miles, six with four at tempo, three, and ten.

So today I have not run, although today would be my twelve-mile day. I feel odd. "RUNNING MEEJIT RUNNING FREE" is one of my default away messages on IM. Not being a running meejit running free is ... well, maybe doing some laundry will help.

I did, however, do a hell of a lot of crawling around on the floor this morning, because THAT GUP NEEDED GETTIN'!


Jul. 25th, 2011 10:05 am
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I was scared about my planned run on Thursday, that being a five-mile run with two miles at tempo pace. My average pace has been a 9:20 mile for the past month or so, and a tempo pace is supposed to be race-pace, which - for me - is about an 8:25.

But yesterday was a five-mile easy run, and I ran it at 44:10, counting the ten seconds I jogged in place to wait for a car.


Work continues unabated. Ten consecutive days without a day off seems a trifle excessive to me. I am hoping that drama goes down after the all-management meeting on Sunday (THREE HOURS of all bossmans and a bosslady). Much hollering, much clearing of the air, address given to the senior bossmans occasionally using his shift to take a nap in the back while there are only two harried baristas to take care of the entire morning shift. I am so glad that I didn't have to be the one to say that.

All of our pets are SUPER RETARDED and SUPER ANNOYING lately. I understand that this is because it is ungodly hot and they are suffering from an abundance of fur, but still, GET OFF ME, I DO NOT WANT YOUR LOVE, IT IS TOO FLIPPIN HOT.

My guppy, she is ten months old. <3 Soon she will be a whole year. I cannot remember life without this tiny human. It must've been pretty lame.


Jul. 21st, 2011 06:08 pm
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I got up at 4:30 this morning to run five miles, before the ungodly heat could dissuade me.

I am a winner and I can do whatever I want if I set my mind to it.

Of course, now I will know that I am capable of getting up and putting on the big runner panties should I need to, so any excuse to the contrary will be rightly written off as "being a pussy".

I am pretty tired, nonetheless. I am working steady shifts from this last Tuesday until next Friday, which is pretty much eighty hours. I feel bad whining about it when I know people with office jobs who work exactly that much every two weeks and don't even consider it a THING, but I can't help feeling it's slightly different with shift work, as it's always sliding your days around.

Further worktiems drama! I'd hoped we were over this. APPARENTLY NOT.

That gup! So cute, that gup! Her new favorite game is YELL AND THEN GIGGLE. <3


Jul. 20th, 2011 07:13 am
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I love running and the runner's high and the sweet running skirts and the feeling I get when I get to the top of a hill and I know I haven't wussed out on it,


- ran
- worked for nine hours
- washed some dishes
- wrote four letters
- worried about religion and wondered about spirituality for like an hour
- read the hell out of Kindle!A Dance of Dragons.


Some of my co-workers and I have been discussing the fact that aprontiems is not as fun as it used to be. It would TOTALLY be fun again if we just hired some more people @_@ getting slammed all the time is not as fun as you'd think it would be.



Jul. 8th, 2011 10:21 am
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- run today: 5.00, 50:58. I started out well (first mile 8:40, second mile 18:30, third mile 25:38), and then around the fourth mile I began getting super tired. This is probably because I ran up every single hill I had today, so by the time I hit 4.5, I was pretty wibbly in the legs. That's no big; I called a walk break, and decided to just walk the last half-mile home and enjoy the sunshine.

- My new running hat is so awesome. I'ma order two more of them, they are BOMB SKULLIEZ. This one is pink! The other two can be yellow and black. I heart me some yellow, it is like sunshine snuggling my head.

- I also heart my shopvac. Ha ha ha scatter kitty litter everywhere, will you, cats? NOT TO WORRY, I HAS A SHOPVAC. I VAC WITH IT. I VAC UP UR SKITTER! Not so tough now, are you, cats? That's right. Pussies.

- I have not been writing well lately, and it has made me a whiny emo twit, complete with my hair hanging in my face, which is fixed like so: :( The hair I am gritting my teeth and bearing, because it's at that awkward stage where it is almost long enough to be in a ponytail, but not quite, and so it just kind of flutters around and has a precious little curl to it, but won't stay out of my FACEY.

The writing is somewhat a problem. I need to go back to just writing small scenes. OR FORUM POSTS, GOD. I'm behind on just about everything. It bothers me, but something is clogged. A lot of it is that I do want to write about Greyspell, but whenever I do sit down to do that, a voice says "that's worthless, why don't you write about something you could make a living at, like Graycloaks or something?" And that depresses me and then I don't write anything because then it's a chore.

I have a new half-marathon plan that I kyped from the good folks at Runner's World. Monday I begin it! Hurray!

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This year, my new year's resolution was to run a half-marathon in December, and to train accordingly. (The one I have in mind is the St Jude half-marathon, on Dec. ... I think it's 9th? this year.)

Today's run was not stellar, by half-year training standards: 3.24, 34:20. I have done so much better. However, that was done in 90-degree heat after about a month of detraining. It felt good; I like the heat, and I do not mind being a steaming stack of sweat if there's a shower in the offing (there is).

I made some changes in my former routine, too. Instead of using RunKeeper Pro to keep track of my mileage, I switched over to Nike+ GPS. So far, the interface is shinier; I prefer RunKeeper telling me about my progress every half mile, but then again, the Nike doodad is reputedly capable of giving me updates at whatever marker I choose, so I'll fiddle with that. By far the coolest thing about the Nike app is that it gives me MAPS. That is so cool. I love it. I'm hoping there's something I can do so it will yell at me about slacking off on pace, but until I can repeatedly nail a 25:00 5k I'm not going to worry about it.

The other fitness apps I use are Yoga Stretch and Yoga Relax (both by the same people; both mildly disappointing in that they don't provide guides for each pose, but they are free and I didn't like the other free ones), and Nike Training Club, which I use mostly for plyometrics drills and the default abs workout. It's only fifteen minutes, so I do the abs workout every day, and damned if I don't feel whipped at the end of it, still. It's so racist against Russians, too; there's a drill called Russian Twists and a drill called Crazy Ivans, and I'm thinking to myself, WHY ARE THEY STEREOTYPING ALL RUSSIANS AS COMPLETE BADASSES WITH KILLER ABS? THIS IS JUST INSULTING. Or I would be thinking that if I weren't desperately trying not to die.

The guppy sometimes helps with workouts. Or at least she did, until Cal was mean and told me not to use the guppy as a medicine ball even if she is totally the right mass and weighs almost fifteen pounds. :(

This month I am trying to get back into shape (defined by me as being able to get through a workout without pausing and being able to pull off five miles without stopping to walk). In July, I'm going to try applying science to my runs. This will be new for me; I am an enthusiastic amateur, but things like 'speed drills' or 'race programs' are foreign to me. I just run like a derp and think that if I maybe do some lunges or hill sprints once in a while, it will make me stronger, and stronger surely = faster, right?

NOT NECESSARILY, MEEJTARD. Still. Good run today. I am happy.
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- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part One) is charming and I have more thoughts; I will show you them later.
- Man ALIVE I am getting fierce with my running; I can keep an 8:05 mile for four miles. Now to prove it for the Meowathon tomorrow. I'm racing Ali, you guys, and SHE WILL WIN.
- I have worked for the past nine days. I am looking forward to my three days off. I will write, and gupcuddle, and run!!!, and drink BEER.
- I will also um watch more Voltron and She-Ra. Cal and I discovered that the entire series are available on Netflix. It is so humiliating how much of the pertinent mythos I recall without prodding.


- Tiny paladin is 74 (in two more quests), and I am so not interested in doing quests for Koltira "Whiny" Deathweaver, as I believe I have gone on record stating that I loathe all death knights neither a) my friends nor b) Thassarian.

This goes double for Koltira, whose name I rather like as a collection of sounds, and of whom, therefore, I had higher standards.
I gupcuddled! I woke up at my alarm's time and not - say - two hours later.

I ran for sixty minutes without stopping, and suspect that this is roughly six and a quarter miles, despite not knowing for certain, because at the halfway point of the run, Sundaisyshine decided that she was only going to record time, and not distance, and chose to inform me AT FORTY MINUTES that she'd stopped pacing at 3.31 miles. RAEG FUELED MY LAST FEW MILES. OMG.

It was still a good run.

I came home and Cal, Calmom, and I made baked figs, and then stuffed ourselves with them. They were delicious and figgy. I am very happy.

Now I need to do all the laundry in the world, since I cleaned out my closet two days ago and brought my winter clothes out of storage.

The guppy is adorable. <3

Life is good.
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Today there was a large meeting training wossname at my place of business. The district manager was there. I think he thinks I'm a bit of a stupe, but on the other hand, the reason I did not participate in the training seminar yet is because bossmans said that my skillz were such that they would save my training for last on the grounds (... hee) that my coffee was adequate without having emergency training. That is good, I suppose; there is merit in being at least competent in everything you do, no matter how humble. BEFORE ENLIGHTENMENT, CHOP WOOD, POUR WATER; AFTER ENLIGHTENMENT, CHOP WOOD, POUR WATER, AMIRITE?

I finished reading Heart Shaped Box. It deeply satisfied me, as a ghost story, as a love story, as a mystery, and as a psychological chest of horrors and skeeve. I noted a shout-out to one of his daddy's books, when Jude faces the same dilemma as Eddie Dean in regards to drawn doors.

I did not run today. I worked out, and my shoulders are pleasingly aching, but I didn't run, and I'm feeling that, a little. Tomorrow I will run after work, and I will try to run as fast as I can for three point one miles, so that on Thursday I can run a little slower for six miles. :D

I have so many things to write, and so many night elves to slay, and two more yellow black-banded blocks to knit. TWO! MORE!
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I've been peeking over Suboshi's shoulder at the WoW Cataclysm beta. I have discovered to my considerable surprise that I do not loathe worgen, which I thought I would based on my previous in-game experience. It just goes to show that meejes should not jump to conclusions.

It is one week since my guppy was born, and she is so ridiculously cute. Today she had her first bath. She flailed and screamed in RAEG!!11!! the entire time, because so far her least favorite things are being: a) wet, and b) cold, and bathtime proved to be both wetsome and cold-making, despite the warm water and the body heat of three adults clustered around her and anxiously dabbing at spit-up-covered portions of her tiny body. Oh man she's going to be a hell of an athlete when she's a bit larger; she's all leg.

I RAN A 10K TODAY. NO PARTICULAR REASON. I JUST GOT UP AND THOUGHT, "TODAY I'LL RUN SIX MILES AND CHANGE," AND I DID IT. I had to stop and walk for fifteen seconds just after hitting five miles, and I was so mad about it. Talk about wusscakery, there was LESS THAN A MILE TO GO. And yet the sideache, it had gone well into icepick-in-the-side territory. :( Next time I try this, I'll go for running the entire time. I finished at 56:51, which is not terrible, but I really wanted to try for a solid 54:00. Oh well. I need to find a new route, I grow bored with the same neighborhood every time, particularly the ridiculous hill at 2.6 miles. Seriously. Eff that hill, man. In the neck.


I went shopping today, because sometimes a girl needs some pretty underwear, and Victoria's Secret concluded that my breasts are problematic. Apparently I am a different size in each of the three major bra lines they're doing right now. Really, you guys? Did not instill confidence. However, I am weak against plum lace, and so plum lace there was, in the size we finally determined me to be. I just realized that if I keep running at the rate that I am, it probably won't fit in a month. MOAR PLUM LACE!

I think that this is actually everything awesome that is happening with me right now. I will later cover my tea-ventures, the non-sucky vampire Victoriana I'm reading, and my parents' reactions to being given The 13 Clocks as a birthday gift. (SPOILER: my mom cried a little. :D)
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Practice that will stand you in good stead when - upon attempting to put on the other high-heeled shoe with buckled ankle straps - you stand on the first-shod foot and attempt to bring the other unshod foot to your standing leg's knee for balance.

I even preserved good breathing, motherfuckers.
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More like hebetation, amirite.

This morning's run began at 7:05, because I am a meejtard who did not want to ups from her comfy bed (with snuggly kitty). I paid for my folly, because it was humid. It wasn't hellishly hot. I wanted to die on the hill that I usually want to die on, but I seriously booked for the first mile and a half. I was very pleased with my pace - by the time I got to the bottom of the second hill (prep for the third hill ;_;), I was at 1.71 miles, fifteen minutes.

I ended at 3.71, 33:51. It was a good run, but it was the sort of good run where I was kind of mad I didn't hold out for another three minutes or so for the four-mile mark. Tomorrow. I'll try for the same pace, because that's really not too bad. My calves are a bit tingly, but my knees and hips are fine. Also, I'll be honest: I look rad in my Lance Armstrong shirt. I know that it is cheeky to wear a Livestrong shirt when you're not actually pulling off six-minute miles, but I know that Lance Armstrong would understand, him and his Peter LaFleur sympathies.

Now I am going to write and meme. Aw yeah.
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On Saturday, I, you know, shlubbed around, did the usual thing, won my age bracket's first place in a 5k, did some dishes and wrote some stuff. Same old, same old, yanno it.

On Sunday, I went and watched a movie about some guy named Percy Jackson. I'd read some books about the rascal and quite enjoyed them. Everything about the movie is very stupid. <3



Jan. 10th, 2010 11:47 am
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So I don't usually make specific New Year's resolutions, preferring instead to opt for the weenier "I will be better this year!" or "I am going to be stronger!". These are okay but unless you are a total slug they will come along with the normal course of things.

This year I thought about it, and I came to the conclusion that what I really want by December 31st 2010 is to beat Jake Gyllenhaal in a 5k time.

That'll show that bastard he can't get away with pretending he's the Prince, even if he has David Bell chops.
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I had a dream that I had to hurry up and write down. It's not polished and it's kind of ... well, I want to redraft it, is all I'm saying.

But it was Siddharsvara and Savitri dealing with a salt-smuggler (try saying that five times fast) attempting to go through Vajra's Star-gate (the north, leading to Pandemonium). Savitri was really interesting. She is the only one who isn't looking at Siddharsvara the whole time; I need to figure out why not.

In other news, Jillian kicked my ass again this morning. Hnnng. My sister is apparently doing the P90X 90-day program, which rather neatly took the wind out of my sails, despite the rule that Someone Is Always More Hardcore Than You. (It is not supposed to be your baby sister with weak shins.)
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Circuit One was not as bad as I had feared and I permitted myself to be lulled into some sense of complacency.

This was, as it turned out, a grave mistake.

I'd type more but my arms are in imminent danger of falling off.


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