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This is the first morning I haven't had a full or double shift in a week, and I'm not quite sure of what to do with myself. I did some chores (as usual, the cats all poop far too much, lazy little mogs that they are) and sorted through some correspondence (my father sends me weekly letters that he writes every Monday morning, and I try to return the favor), and now I have coffee, a full purring dishwasher, and a full humming clothesdryer.

The full and double shifts are a direct result of two facts:

a) I am a good and reliable worker;
b) I am a sucker who agrees to take extra shifts to cover for someone.

B is, in turn, a result of two things:

i) I am a sucker;
ii) Soon there will be a tiny guppy goddaughter born, and when she is finally on the scene, I will possibly have to call a co-worker and demand that someone come in to cover the remainder of my shift so I can be at the hospital to hold gupmother's hand and reassure her that she should not kill her spouse for putting her through this! Pat pat pat pat. Then I will hold my goddaughter when she is a ridiculous red radish, and beam fatuously into her grumpy wee face, and tell her truthfully that she is the most beautiful little girl in the whole world!

I do have quite a few writing projects to catch up on (I've owed an Abaddon post since EASTER, and I've been writing Tiki and Greyspell in the Barrens for ... since Walks began Rubeus!), and now I've got another one. Livejournal, I am informed by reliable sources (Cal), has finally gone completely insane. Well, I knew that was coming. I had long since deleted my first Livejournal, and a few years back I deleted my replacement LJ due to drama and woe. I've had a good time here at DW, but I kept a single LJ for purposes of story archives and for keeping up with the few LJ people who didn't transfer here, and who still spoke to me (a surprisingly small Venn overlap). This LJ was for Greyspell, and was begun for an RP dressing-room writing community Lyn told me about. The writing community went defunct when most of the players went elsewhere (having finally perfected their characters?), but I kept the LJ as an archive, and filled it in with some of Greyspell's blog posts from another site. The blogs were fun to write, I guess, but I always felt uncomfortable posting his journal entries in public because he is a ridiculously private person.

In any case, I might spend the morning grabbing up all of those stories and blog posts, and dumping them under - respectively - 'wow.fic' and 'pedantic soliloquoys' tags here, so I can delete that last remaining LJ.

Of course, I could also catch up on all of my emails. I have another entry cooking about how I always feel guilty leaving emails unanswered to write journal entries. SO HARD TO BE A WORKING ADULT WITH CHORES.

Oh! And ALSO. Tattoo happens on Friday. :D I am all in a flather and a tizzy, because the ink I want is Elu Thingol's badge (you may recognize it as my default user icon), but I cannot find a decent representation of it on the entire Internets, and I'd like to have something better for Vanessa to work with than "Hello I am a GIF pixelation with the wrong palette" for something that is going to be permanently displayed on my foxy sculpted shoulder.
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- Jobs applied for: 19
- Jobs interviewed for: 1
- Jobs really hoping to get an interview for: 7
- Number of times working out has kicked my ass in the past two weeks: 6
- How humiliated I am by this on a scale of 1 to 10: a large 7
- Stories worked on in the past two weeks: 3
- Notes written for other stories: 31
- WSGs won: 21
- Calls I've made/received to/from my family: 4
- Times I have exclaimed, at photos of my cousin's new baby, "OH MY GOD HOW ADORABLE": 17
- Moments of existential angst: 3.75

I have been busy. Thank god for my friends, elsewise I would have gone raving mad and moved into my parents' basement, and they don't even have a basement.


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