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I feel that no matter what, you have to admit that Timothy Dalton was a pretty decent Bond.
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a) fucking Havoc, seriously, fuck that guy;
b) awesome;
c) wtf I didn't hate Emma Frost!;
d) Takei-est thing I ever did see.

Also, the thought has occurred to me that, owing to Kenrou's total giftage, KenrouxChikara sex is the best possible.

You probably don't want to know how long I spent giggling about that.
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That man is exactly why Dean Swift proposed eating babies in the first place.
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- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part One) is charming and I have more thoughts; I will show you them later.
- Man ALIVE I am getting fierce with my running; I can keep an 8:05 mile for four miles. Now to prove it for the Meowathon tomorrow. I'm racing Ali, you guys, and SHE WILL WIN.
- I have worked for the past nine days. I am looking forward to my three days off. I will write, and gupcuddle, and run!!!, and drink BEER.
- I will also um watch more Voltron and She-Ra. Cal and I discovered that the entire series are available on Netflix. It is so humiliating how much of the pertinent mythos I recall without prodding.


- Tiny paladin is 74 (in two more quests), and I am so not interested in doing quests for Koltira "Whiny" Deathweaver, as I believe I have gone on record stating that I loathe all death knights neither a) my friends nor b) Thassarian.

This goes double for Koltira, whose name I rather like as a collection of sounds, and of whom, therefore, I had higher standards.
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First, I saw Scott Pilgrim vs. The World on Saturday. :D :D :D

Some spoilers, probably )

And now for

9. How do you get ideas for your characters? Describe the process of creating them.

Read more... )
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On Saturday, I, you know, shlubbed around, did the usual thing, won my age bracket's first place in a 5k, did some dishes and wrote some stuff. Same old, same old, yanno it.

On Sunday, I went and watched a movie about some guy named Percy Jackson. I'd read some books about the rascal and quite enjoyed them. Everything about the movie is very stupid. <3

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"Harry Mudd is who Jack Black always wished he'd grow up to be." - on the possibility of J.J. Abrams continuing to reboot Star Trek.
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Also, Alan Rickman totally got his billow on.

Also, Emma Watson is growing on me, I guess, which is good, because in the previous movies she totally grated on me. Maybe it's just that her voice has settled?

Honorable Mentions: Tom Felton looked genuinely miserable, Luna was aces, Ron gets hugs and HIS JAMMIES OMG, god Helena Bonham Carter loves her life and the fact that she gets to portray a crazy homicidal loon all the time, Jim Broadbent is rad, and also ALAN RICKMAN'S CLOAK.


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