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Me: Today I busted out 2200ish Graycloak words and 1800 Greyspell words.
Cal: What Greyspellery are you writing!
Me: ... a horrible dystopia that I am mildly embarrassed about because it's wankery about him taking a prestige class after the fall of Silvermoon to self-righteous high elves.
Cal: You should post it on DW and you should not be embarrassed about writing demon hunters unless I am allowed to be embarrassed about writing about dragonsworn, and if I am embarrassed I WILL NOT WRITE PORN.

So, I am posting this entirely because I want Cal to write Aro/Niall porn.

Warning: wanky, miserable, HALF-NAKED blood elf.

In context it makes more sense. )
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So I guess that this will be my creative jottings for the day. It's not complete, and it's not, despite the header, strictly Graycloaks, although it's in their world. (It's Wyanet, who is the third major character who could be termed a faction boss; she is a lot more active than the other two, who rarely appear onscreen and who are, respectively, dying, and possibly mythical.)

Wasps have queens. )
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Cal asked me to tell her a story, so I totally spun this up over IMs.

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It needs some work, but I'm overall pleased with it for something I spun up in fifteen minutes.
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I was going to write something completely different, and then I got sidetracked by Bruce Springsteen. Faolan Oreas Allar belongs to Foof. Djahne is mine.

One of my least favorite fantasy tropes subverted. )

Oh my lord that could benefit from editing, but I'm making a pact with myself that I have to get the words out, no more editing than the transition from paper to typeset. At least, not until a week later.
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This is in response to this. It may not make much sense even if you read the preceding.

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