Oct. 10th, 2010 11:36 am
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Cal, seriously: do not attempt to look up any of these references.

Last night I dreamed that Melkor and Ungoliant were after me, and her jaws were made of shadow glass.

I didn't even have any Silmarils.

That guy is such an asshole.

I woke up in a cold sweat. Fortunately, then it was time to cuddle a guppy through about an hour's worth of RAEG!, which sufficiently dissipated the horrors.

Shadow glass and shadow silk. Only, it was not silk. It was all sludgy.

Seriously: Melkor and his girlfriend are dicks.
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I have always loved the old fairy tales - the horrible things we tell to children that warn them against the dark, the grim tales told by the Brothers Grimm (who were, apparently, also super hot). Tanith Lee does this well (I am thinking principally of her Tales from the Flat Earth, although she also does actual vampyr novels and some hella dark fairy tale retellings, like I don't even know what to tell you about her Snow White story), and China MiƩville, for all his faults, totally kicked my ass with the moths of Perdido Street Station. (I can never decide if I like MiƩville or not; I know that I liked The Scar a lot more than PSS, but really what I like are tiny things buried in the middle of the muck and grit and grime and slime of his world. Also. The mosquito-women. Oh my GOD.) George RR Martin has some fantastic terrible fairy tales, although I want it noted that he, like Blizzard, totally ripped me off when I ripped off Tolkien.

I like the horror that patiently waits for you to notice it. Stephen King is excellent with this. So is Cordwainer Smith. The horror in pastels, the blood on the flower, the fairy tales with gorgeous prose that kisses you to sleep with poison fangs.

One of my very favorites is given to me by Tolkien.

Your mileage may vary for given values of Do I Like Tolkien's Prose Or Poesy. )


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