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2013-05-01 04:46 pm

I promised my cousin I'd help out with this!

So, he's an artist. He's preparing a show and I promised I'd spread the word.
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2012-10-02 08:46 pm

So this is the Internets!

I've been essentially offline for the past two weeks. I've run forty-three miles, completed a tabata session (OH MY GOD), written five letters, gotten denied my chance to go home to visit my family for Christmas, and seen Ali's new house.

I have not yet looked at the WoW MoP expansion. I heard there's something about farming. Actual farming. Later this week I'll check in and see how badly Blizzard has impacted my headcanon. My theory is: a lot. But also: pet battles.

I have sprouted hives on my arms and legs, with bouts of itching so horrible that in the middle of the night I have considered simply flaying myself (but that itches, too), or killing myself with some sort of quickly-moving poison. Benadryl takes too long to work and then knocks me completely out for twelve hours. Oatmeal baths help a little. Maybe I need to run more.

Work is settled. The new boss is very cool. I like him. He has left me in charge while he's off at a conference in Houston for a week. Maybe that's the source of the hives. I hate responsibility. People should just do what I say and everything will be fine.

I've been preparing for the move to Nashville. A good half of my stuff is packed, inventoried, and put in storage. The other half is lying limply strewn over the rest of Pinkhouse. I have too much stuff and need to cull. I've tried to cut down my books to only what is not available on Kindle, but that's still a lot of books, and my stationery wardrobe is serious goddamned business, taking up a full shelf as it does. Iiiiii have far too many clothes for someone who wears a uniform to work and dresses mostly in workout clothes the rest of the time. More culling!

I am finding peace in my self as I put my environment in order. The only stress is coming from reassignment of stuff, and the resistance in my soul to divorcing myself from it in bits and bobs. Obviously I'd have a better shot at going whole-hog and living in a room with a mat and a lamp, but that isn't going to happen; I want some stuff. It's just a question of which stuff that will be.

One of this stuffs, obviously, is the Greyspell plushie Ali made me for my birthday. Despite everything, I still think that dumb emo lorks are cool. And there is a squid in his hood.

I am afraid to consult my backlog of webcomics, but Oglaf's siren call cannot be denied.
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2012-09-17 07:26 pm
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List it up.

The new boss so far seems pretty awesome. He used to run ultramarathons! He was telling me about his last one and I was thinking, that is far too hardcore for me. His significant other is a dance major and she is pretty ripping awesome; I like seeing her around the store more often.

I have been stupidly exhausted for the past four days. As usual I am not eating correctly or sleeping enough, and so I cannot work out, and so I feel like a barebones of a meej, when in fact I am a doughy poof of a meej, and then this mentally and emotionally exhausts me, so I get nightmares like last night, in which first bad things happened to the guppy, and then I got Greyspell pondering how he was going to kill himself: walling himself up Amontillado style to starve to death, or having a silver demon nail him to a chair and then hit him in the face with a maul.

It's pretty much bullcrap, is what it is, and I am deathly tired of not feeling like myself. I'm not sure what to do about it, but I think that having five days off in a row will help, enormously.

During these five days I will not hold myself to pressure to write, to work out, to log into games, to crunch at tasks. I will purge my mind of the tiny little poison-wells, and I am going to hug the HELL out of that gup, who is now TWO YEARS OLD, come Saturday.

At some point I will rediscover the fine art of punctuating sentences as if the speaker had some sort of clue as to proper breathing.

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2012-09-09 09:00 pm


This is my new favorite thing, for now. (NSFW due to swearing in the very title of the page. Also, lots of shouty profanity, which is obviously one of my things.)

I've been inconsistent about my exercise for the past three weeks, which: these things happen when you go on cleaning jags and also have a two-year-old around the house, and also it's too hot for human habitation seriously what the hell tropical storms so selfish just blowing around when I have crap to do. I'm trying to keep up with it reasonably, since my birthday plans include - as they have for the past few years - running a number of miles in the lower double digits (and then eating all the pizza). I can reliably pull off ten miles without having to do overmuch preparation, so I'm considering I've hit a good point in my fitness. Also? I have a sixpack. I'm really very obnoxious in showing it off, too. I'll probably get better about this as I get more mature, but we've seen how mature I can be. We'll SEE.

I'm reading the new David Brin book. It's good, but he's doing the usual Brin thing of too many goddamned characters on their own tears for the first third and then what the hell!!!! Brandon Sanderson does this too, but he does adorable characters better than David Brin (David Brin still does much better dialogue and slang). So far: no giant squids. I don't know if I'm sad about this or not.

This is a documentary about a geisha in Kyoto. It is very nicely done.

Everyone should have seen "Gangnam Style" by now. If you haven't, Google it. I'M NOT YOUR MOTHER, I DON'T HAVE TIME TO FIND YOU LINKS TO EVERYTHING. Oh fine WATCH IT. Safe for work, I guess, but get some headphones.

I am trying not to stress over writing, trying not to make it about deadlines or "you HAVE to finish this", but just trying to ... let it flow. Sometimes this results in something stupid like a page of Graycloak insults, and sometimes it's turning into something cool, like the Vices/Virtues thingy Desnik and I are doing. I still have no idea where that's going, and that relaxes me immensely. I haven't been able to look at my forum tags for a while because the crippling guilt of OMG WHY DIDN'T I TAG BACK YET is cutting that right off. Baby steps. Baby steps. At least I still haven't hit the deadline of "when Walks finishes Kun-"

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2012-08-21 09:42 am


I used to use this thing as a diary. Let's put some pins in things.


- Upsed at 4:40
- Decided that this year's pumpkin spice sauce is not altogether horrible when used with soy milk (it is still too sweet, but without the nasty aftertaste of previous offerings)
- Cardio Power and Resistance wtf power jumps :(
- Rice, chicken, roasted vegetables bento-making date with Cal

Did I do anything else with purpose? I don't think I did. Nothing else stands out.

I need to do something every day that will stand out, even if it's only from the tiniest perspective.

This morning the power was out for three hours, all over the neighborhood. I have no doubt that when I get to work I will have a long list of things needful that have been adversely affected by NO POWER TO THE FREEZERS AND FRIDGES FOR THREE HOURS IN THIS HEAT.
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2012-08-06 02:29 pm
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(no subject)

I feel that no matter what, you have to admit that Timothy Dalton was a pretty decent Bond.
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2012-07-25 08:32 pm
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crap I've like done all of this stuff and I don't even know where to begin y'all except that obviously i've decided to like totally eff punctuation sideways right up the bean

Also, this morning Cal shared something with me:

Cal: Walks: meej recommended a Guy Gavriel Kay book to me. Should I be concerned? Right now it is mostly just lots of pretty words flowing over me.
Me: Yeah, that's GGK in a nutshell. It's beautiful Monet watercolors of castration and rape.
Walks: ...
Cal: Walker
Oh look. There's the gloriously illustrated murder.

Seriously though I'd categorize GGK as more like a Waterhouse of castration and rape, and also sieges and assassinations and enucleation.
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2012-07-12 12:47 pm
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Via Manly Man Training.

I don't really plan to have a son, but gups will benefit from this wisdom.

Also, I'm still not smart enough for Tumblr.

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2012-03-26 11:09 am

derp derp

I haven't been posting again, and honestly it's not just because I'm boring; it's because I'm busy as hell and some days I don't even turn on my computer at all.

This is somewhat disconcerting, given that I use the series of tubes to keep in touch with my friends, and if I don't internet, I don't see them.

I am behind on all of my posts and all of my forums. I am bogged down by the amount of mental gymnastics I'd need to get back into writing mode. I have no idea how Kiya does it, much less so awesomely, with a wee toddling thing.

(Important note: that gup's first word was "uh-oh". I am relieved it was something so innocuous, and not - say - "fucksticks".)

I got surprised into rereading A Heart Apart last month. I'm still not sure how I feel about it, given that I'd moved on to darker pastures (I think that there was not one single baby eaten in all of AHA, and there's some guy named Arawn running around).


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2011-11-06 06:43 pm
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Today I ran my first half-marathon.

2:01:36, said the timer-thing.

As Ali says: I want to do this every day forever.
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2011-11-01 05:19 pm
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Also I got rickrolled on mile eight.
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2011-10-29 11:32 pm
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I used to write a lot.

But then, I used to have a lot more time to waste. I used to see shirts that said, "I am so totally blogging this later", and I'd think, "I totally will, shirt! Right on!" I remember first getting onto Livejournal, even before college (what), and I'd update that sorry rag once a day, if not more.

Now I check my reading list daily and smile as I see my friends type in a sentence here and there, which reminds me to write them letters in longhand, and then... there it rests. I could post graphs of my running-times or updates of my precious guppy, but I'm lazy and it's like nine whole keystrokes to get the image to happen.

I could write about books I've read, but that's time I could be spending reading the next book in the series; I could extol the virtues of my friends, but that's when I could be talking with them; I could be whining about my writing, but that's time I could be actually telling stories with words, not just murfling about it.

What I need is longer periods of time with Internet access, and time spent hurry-up-and-waiting, afforded so well by office jobs and waiting for home repairmen to arrive.
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2011-10-19 11:18 am
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[wow] Serious Business

I wrote a tiny thing for Cal, who belongs to Niall.

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2011-10-12 03:26 pm

Meej, Interrupted

So recently I did some stuff, and under that broad heading falls:

- informed bossmans I wanted in on this management gig;
- almost immediately reconsidered in light of how he treats his two current shift supervisors, but TOO LATE NOW: I can only GO FORWARD and maintain my moral rectitude (quit giggling);
- figured out some important things about half-marathons and why I won't be running one this year;
- clapped for that adorable guppy as she toddled at a sprint;
- gave up drinking caffeine after noon for the sixteenth straight day (NEXT STEP: ONLY ONE CUP OF COFFEE A DAY, baby steps baby steps baby steps);
- finally wrote some damn words.

They weren't good words, they weren't well-flowing words, they weren't genius is what I'm getting at, but they happened.

Also, BREWMASTER ARANRUTH. Ruth is so cute, but she seriously needs new shoulders.
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2011-09-02 01:19 pm
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And then we get to the NUMBERS

I'm on week 8 of my 12-week half-marathon training plan, and on Wednesday I suffered a minor setback, like your mom. Like - like your MOM is the minor setback, not like she suffered one on Wednesday. That's what I'm getting at. There was a setback, and I hit it, like I hit YOUR MOM.

My weekly mileage is up to 24 miles, which is two shy of the goal I'd like to attain and maintain (five, six, five, ten), and I've been using a calorie counter to do a base goal of 1520 calories a day. Stop me when you see the problem.

... I've been doing this for two months.

So on Wednesday, when my plan was to run six miles, four at a tempo pace, I made my first mistake, which was to eat two pieces of toast with peanut butter and honey for breakfast, and then my second mistake was to go out to run, on August 31st in Memphis, at one o'clock pip emma, under the clear blue open sky. This was not a wise decision, but I did pull out an 8:02 mile before I collapsed and had to call Suboshi to come get me.

This led to some conferencing with my running parner-in-crime, the Alibee, and we used some SCIENTIFIC METHOD to look at our SCIENTIFIC RUNNING PLAN, and our conclusion was: dumbasses with overtraining and undereating, also dumbasses. Ever since upping the mileage past fifteen a week, we really, REALLY ought to have increased the caloric intake to account for those longer runs (burninating some serious stores in our bodies).

I decided on Wednesday, after sitting with a cold wet towel on my head and drinking all the water ever, that I was going to take the rest of the week off, then start over on Monday with a re-do of Week 8: three miles, six with four at tempo, three, and ten.

So today I have not run, although today would be my twelve-mile day. I feel odd. "RUNNING MEEJIT RUNNING FREE" is one of my default away messages on IM. Not being a running meejit running free is ... well, maybe doing some laundry will help.

I did, however, do a hell of a lot of crawling around on the floor this morning, because THAT GUP NEEDED GETTIN'!
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2011-08-18 05:20 pm
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status: GLADoS

I run and work and gup! I haven't done much else of note lately. "Not done much of note" is probably going on my tombstone, but I am slowly making peace with the fact that not everyone is brilliant or breadwinsome, and someone had to make Marie Curie's coffee. .. oh crap it was probably her, in between INVENTING SCIENCE and writing Tesla fanfiction.

Man! I could write the HELL out of Tesla fanfiction! ... For Nikola Tesla. Not the metal band. Oh man I'd write about him being IN THE BAND.

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2011-08-11 09:45 pm
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So a Boy walks into a bar.

Actually, it was a Starbucks.

My tiny brother is driving cross country with his buddyroos, Justin and Nick, to take Justin to his new job and home in Chicago. They deviated to come see their other friend Richard, and on their way they came to see me!

Unfortunately they all suffer from Unabletoplanitis, endemic among college students, so we were only able to line up ducks sufficiently for them to spend an hour with me, but hey, there was coffee and he looked adorable and my co-workers felt that all three are wicked hot, and I was all LOL THEY ARE TINY YOUNG TWENTY-SOMETHINGS, HANDS OFF YOU COUGAR WENCHES.

I am glad to have seen them. But the Boy could still stand to check in on his Words With Friends games more often.
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2011-08-11 09:32 pm
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The Dark Is Rising
Avaryan Rising (not the Dark)
The Silmarillion
Death's Master
The Nonborn King
Jack the Bodiless
The Fionavar Tapestry
The Name of the Wind
The Proofhouse

I have a lot of new things to read but it's that time of year when my brain is so pulped by heat that I can't process NEW ideas. TIME FOR OLD ONES TO SIFT OVER.

The fall of Gondolin, Pwyll Twiceborn, mercenary Lylas and Aiken Drum and Mirain (the good one) and Merriman Lyons and Gorgias, dammit Gorgias.

I don't know yet that I'm ready for a Sandman reread; I do love Morpheus but sometimes I just want to shake him. (Which is totally the point.) I am also not yet ready for Strange & Norrell, although I bet I'll get to that after The Proofhouse, because (dammit) Gorgias makes me think of Mr Norrell.

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2011-08-04 12:15 pm

My life is pretty sweet,

even more so in comparison to the subject of the Chick Tract that someone left me as a tip yesterday.